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Job Title Footwear QC
Hiring Several
Job Requirements


1, familiar with the outdoors, recreation, sports SHOES production process, sample fabrication processes and standards;

1, secondary or higher education;

2, more than three years of male / women face a full set of technical work experience, can press the map production;

3, modify and confirm the familiar and the panel's last head

4, strong sense of responsibility to obey the boss arrangement, working patience, team spirit.

Job description
Job Title Foreign trade business
Hiring 2
Job Requirements

There are more than 5 years experience in clothing, English fluency, have a strong sense of responsibility, team spirit, compression and strong, familiar with foreign trade correspondence and operational processes, once hired, treated favorably.

Job description
Job Title Clothing QC
Hiring 5
Job Requirements

1, age: 28 years old, secondary education.

2, more than two years experience in QC clothing, apparel company engaged in work with a single QC for at least one year of work experience;

3, familiar with garment process, has a strong ability to judge quality, proficient fabrics and clothing technology;

4, there is clothing QC inspection by and familiar clothing and garment process has some ability to judge quality, management ability.

3, to understand with a single process, the quality of clothing has a strong management capabilities, while interested in outdoor brand;

4, understand the requirements of knitting, woven priority:

5, can be hard, to obey the leadership arrangements

Job description